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Wildly imaginative! Talkative!

...and none too bright.

Paige Creevey
20 November 1987
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Second Year

Paige Collette Creevey
Blood status: Half-blood
Parents: Dennis Creevey/Erin (Manson) Creevey
Age: Thirteen as of January 2nd
Wand: Oak, 10 inches, unicorn hair
Patronus: ???Patronus: Undecided
Boggart: The giant squid, ‘cause it’s totally-definitely-amazingly scary
Best subject: None in particular
Rubbish at: Potions (she makes them explode on accident)
About: Paige is as excitable as everyone else in the Creevey bloodline, and just as small as her father was as a child. Resembling a first year in stature, Paige uses her small frame to her advantage in hiding anywhere and everywhere to listen in on things. She's Hogwarts' human rumor mill, and never stops talking.

Seventh Year

Melissa ‘Missy’ Cara Brenton
Blood status: Pureblood
Parents: Steven Brenton/Susan (Faustin) Brenton
Age: Seventeen as of January 1st
Wand: Holly, 7 and a quarter inches, phoenix tail feather
Patronus: small bear
Boggart: Bludger (ever since her uncle was killed by one a few years ago, she’s had a nasty paranoia about them)
Best subject: DADA
Rubbish at: Using an inside-voice, Potions (she’s too impatient for it)
Quidditch position: Beater
About: Missy is one of those people who you always go to when you need something said where someone else will hear even over a chattering crowd. She’s loud, straightforward, and not the best person in the world to mess with.

On the Pitch, Missy can get a bit carried away in her game planning. Her most well-loved plan of action is, “Fly better than they do and knock them off their brooms if they get in the way.” She’s not so much for strategy, and more for charging like a bull and hoping she doesn’t hit something stronger than she or her team is. Missy is a fair player, though, and if a game can’t be won fairly, she won’t stand for her team to pull a gross amount of dirty tactics. She’s a fan of losing with dignity and swearing to win the next time.